Buy Karambit Folding Knives for Self-Defense


Self-defense is a consideration many people have these days. It starts with guns, then on to knives, hand to hand, and even tactical pens, though you should always get training in the proper use of any weapon.

A great option is for you to buy karambit folding knives for self-defense, which have been used for this purpose for centuries.

What is a Karambit Knife

The karambit originated in Southeast Asia and were styled after tiger’s claws. Designed for slashing and cutting, these knives were used by farmers as their everyday carry as well as by the countries’ militaries. Interestingly, karambits have changed very little over the centuries, and most of that has been in the materials used, and turning them into folders for everyday carry.

Karambits are curved from pommel to tip and have at least one finger loop for improved grip. These are one of the best knives to hold because that loop will ensure you never lose the knife. While most folders don’t have these loops, they are still very secure to hold.
For self-defense purposes, a karambit is usually held in a reverse grip, to allow for better slashing.

Why Choose a Karambit Knife for Self-Defense


As the karambit was styled after a tiger’s claw, combat is the first use that comes to mind. The shape of the blade makes it very effective, as has been proved by a few hundred years of field testing by the Indonesian military.

It takes very little training to become proficient with a karambit, so you can feel secure sooner. If you choose a karambit with a safety loop you’ve just become much more difficult to disarm, and the loop prevents the knife from slipping if your hands are wet.

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