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If you’re looking to add an exciting addition to your knife collection, look no further than a Hawkeye Karambit neck knife. Chances are, nothing you own is as eye-catching as one of these blades. Add a sheath that can be worn around your neck and you’ve got a quality blade that can be easily concealed, carried, and deployed whenever you should need it.


The Hawkeye Karambit neck knife originated in Southeast Asia where it was used mainly as a fighting knife. Legend has it that a tiger’s claw inspired the shape of these distinctive blades, and when you look at one, it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing wrong with following Mother Nature’s example with this design. An imposing blade extending from your hand is sure to impress your fellow knife enthusiasts - and potential bad guys as well.

buy-hawkeye-karambit.jpgEveryday Karambit

You might not be ready to trade in your everyday carry knife for a Karambit right now, but don’t dismiss the advantages of carrying one just yet. It can be worn over your clothing or under a shirt, so either way, it will close by and ready to complete a multitude of jobs as well or better than any other type of knife. From simple tasks to self-defense, this exceptional blade won’t let you down.

buy-hawkeye-karambit-neck-knife-online.jpgOff-Grid Design

Our Off-Grid Hawkeye Karambit Neck Knife is a blade you’ll be proud to own and add to your collection. We’ve designed this knife with double finger loops, making it incredibly secure in your hand, so if things get rough, you can be confident it will stay there.

It includes a quality Kydex sheath as well that securely holds the knife in place when it’s suspended from tough 550-pound paracord rope. Whether you wear it around your neck or strap it to your backpack, it’s always ready for action no matter what life throws at you. If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase.

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