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bohler m390 knives

Bohler M390 knives are an excellent blend of strength and toughness, perfect for most. This steel is great for outdoor use, and for those who are looking for a tough everyday carry that will last.

Choose a steel that, no matter where you take it and what you need it to do, can keep up with your demands. Hunting, fishing, camping, or opening boxes, M390 is there with you.

What is M390 Steel?

M390 steel is a steel alloy that is tough, durable, and long-lasting. It is made using third generation powder metal technology which allows for the blending of metals that could not previously be mixed.

This technology created a steel that is excellent for knives because it has the necessary strength to get most jobs done, while being tough enough to resist chipping or breaking. Known as a ‘super steel,’ M390 metal is getting lighter and stronger as Bohler improves their processes.

M390 Steel Properties

With high wear resistance, this Bohler M390 knives can survive both abrasive and adhesive damage. M390 is very tough thanks to the carbon, and is extremely resistant to corrosion, due to its high chromium content. Also because of the amount of chromium, this steel can be polished to a mirror shine, which the company refers to as ‘Microclean.

Because of the carbon, M390 can be difficult to sharpen though not as much as some other ‘super steels.’ Chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, and vanadium help give this blade its amazing edge retention.

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