Razor Sharp Knives - Stay Sharp Always

Razor Sharp Knives - Stay Sharp Always

Dec 9th 2022

Stay sharp and be safe. This goes for you and the knife you carry. Imagine having to cut something to prepare your favorite meal or your camping needs. It can be used as a kitchen knife or as a camping knife. But, you need to put in more effort to cut, thus increasing the time for your meal preparation.

We can both agree that a dull knife is not what you want to take at a camping site. The knife is supposed to make your work easy. But, with a dull knife, you will only increase your workload in addition to the risk of injury.

Dull knives are dangerous weapons you carry, dangerous for you that is.

Okay, so no dull blades. But, does the sharpness of a knife really matter that much?

We say Yes it is.


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Importance of having a razor sharp knife

The common belief is that you should be careful while using a sharp knife. But, in reality, a sharp knife is comparatively safer when compared to a dull knife edge.


With a sharp knife, you just have to focus so that you do not cut yourself. In the case of a dull knife, you always need to put in more force which could result in uncontrollable action of the knife. Thus, more chances of having an accident.

SEADOG V2 - Blackout

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Moreover, razor-sharp knives slice with ease with minimum effort required. Even though the chances of getting an injury are far lower, if you do get one, the cut you will have would be clean. Hence, even if you get cut with a razor-sharp knife it is easier to heal.

With dull blade edges, the blade damage will be anything but clean and hence takes more time to heal. So, you always need a razor-sharp knife with a safe-grip handle to handle your tasks with confidence.

So, let us start from the beginning. Build material is a characteristic that is quite important while selecting your knife. The type of material you choose for your knife determines its quality, how long it will retain its edge, and much more.

There is one material that is commonly used among razor sharp knives. The availability and features it has make it an ideal choice for creating knives.

The commonly used steel used for razor sharp knives - D2 Steel

D2 steel is a famous material used for creating razor-sharp knives with safe-grip handles. Besides being easily available compared to other metals it has one of the highest carbon content among tool steel alloys. It is high chromium and high carbon content steel.

It must be clear that d2 steel is not stainless steel. This is because the chromium content in it is 11.5-12% which does not surpass the minimum limit of 13% to be classified as stainless steel. This is the reason it has other names like borderline stainless steel and semi-stainless tool steel.

BADGER - Coyote Tan

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But, then will it have an effect on its performance? Yes, a little bit but it is still the most widely used steel for razor-sharp knives. So, let us see why knife manufacturers around the world prefer it.

Edge retention

The D2 steel has a Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) rating of 60 HRC. But, with the right tempering temperature, the HRC rating can be risen up to 64HRC. A 60HRC rating is already considered a good quality standard. A sharp blade made from this steel has better edge retention every time.

Wear resistance

D2 steels have excellent wear resistance which means they will last for a long time span. This benefit is due to the steel having the perfect balance of carbon, chromium, manganese, and vanadium. This makes it a great choice for abrasive cutting in the market.

Sharpening frequency

Since the steel is hard and has excellent wear resistance, it's challenging to sharpen a D2 steel knife. This steel standard blade knife will require more effort from your side to get a sharpened smooth edge. But, that is all. If you can handle that it compensates you with great benefits including longer edge retention and reduced frequency of sharpening.

Corrosion resistance

Even with the benefits that D2 steel has to offer, D2 steel is sometimes not preferred by people just because it is not completely stainless. This has got them thinking about whether or not the blade will rust.

They are not wrong. The D2 steel standard blades do rust. but not easily as many knife users have assumed. They are not just any normal quality knives.


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Think about it, the chromium content in a D2 steel knife is 12% which is why it is called borderline stainless steel in the first place. This amount of chromium content is more than enough to resist corrosion with proper maintenance and care.

If you keep your knives dirty and wet (which also spoils the kitchen ambiance), then they do rust. But, if you are willing to just do the regular clean-up and polish knives after use, this is one of the best high-quality steel you can have for your knife.


It is better to use no knife than a dull knife. So, if your blade is sharp, it ensures that you will be safe from any unwanted accidents that may occur when using a dull knife.

We also talked about why D2 steel is widely popular steel for creating knives. With a little effort from your side, you can have a knife that is sharp provides excellent sharp edge retention, and lasts for a long time span, all at affordable prices.


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