How to Choose the Right Tactical Cleaver Knife

How to Choose the Right Tactical Cleaver Knife

Aug 18th 2021

Pocket cleaver knives are the perfect tool for opening packages and cutting open boxes.  They're lightweight, easy to use, and won't tear up your hands like a box cutter can. It's also easy to carry in your pocket or purse without it being seen, allowing you to always have one with you when you need it most. 

If you’re looking for a knife with a lot of kitchen utility that also looks dangerous, a folding pocket cleaver knife is perfect. With a wide blade to give you a little more to grip, folding cleavers can not only open boxes and letters, but they’re also great for getting an impressive camp meal together.

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A cleaver is a rectangular blade with no point and a good belly for cutting and slicing. The design for cleaver helps to create some tactical knife due to it's dull spine and wide blades. The type of knife you carry dictates what kind of work you do. If you are the one who has a lot of work for cutting and slicing, then cleaver knife is a blessing for you . The Durable Blades helps a lot in slicing things.

Pocket Cleaver Knife are thin knives which excel at cutting, slicing, and chopping. Compared to normal knives, cleaver knives have sharp edges and are solid made. They are compact knives and can deal a big task while just fit right into your pocket. These Knives are really good for last minute trips.

History of Cleaver Knives: - 

Cleaver Knives were discovered 4500 earlier during Longshan culture period in China. This was discovered later on by Archaeologists. They found out meat pieces from underground confirming the discovery of Cleaver Knife. 

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The blade is made out of mild steel and is attached to plywood handles. Brass bolts were used in order to keep the handle and the blade attached. When pocket knives were not discovered, the cleaver knives were really heavy because of the big blade and heavy  handles. These knives just served the purpose for a good kitchen knife and could perform around 90% of the tasks in kitchen. 

Tactical Pocket Cleaver Knife:- 

A modern Tactical Meat cleaver style knife for fighting, features a saw back, jimping, and file work, finger grooves and various lanyard holes and a hanging hook like the old traditional cleavers a butcher would have had. These types of knife are usually for cutting large thick pieces of meat and therefore should lends its self well to fighting, possible taking off limbs with a single swipe if sharp enough. 

Tactical Cleaver Knives are made out of 3Cr13 Steel. A type of steel that is very tough, corrosion resistant, with a high edge retention. Sharpening a modern Cleaver knife will be easy as 3Cr13 steel can easily be sharpened. The handle of the knife is made out Aluminum which allows knife to be a bit more lighter and maintain it's strength. 

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The term ‘tactical,’ as far as cleavers are concerned, indicate these knives can be used outside a normal kitchen. Originally designed for slicing and cutting vegetables and meat, the heavier duty tactical knives can be used to chop wood, slice rope, and survive contact with bone. 

Tactical Cleaver knives comes in different varieties. Based over their blade size, material type, etc. they are used by people. 

Why choose tactical pocket cleaver knives?

Whether it's chopping or slicing the veggies or it's a situation to set up your camp, Pocket Cleaver knives does all the work perfectly. Many times these essentials knives can turn out to be your day savers. If you plan outdoor cooking and camping with your group, then you really need to get your hands over the Cleaver. With this knife you will not have to carry a armory of knives as this one in all would perform 90% tasks for you. 

These knives will also help you with self defense. The pocket cleaver knife abide by the federal laws, is portable and can be easily deployed whenever you need them. Even if you are not a fan of cooking and camping outside, these knives have a catchy look and a very sleek yet unique design. The wide blade, slight belly, and flat tip combine to make a knife that looks amazing and does the task as well as a standard kitchen cleaver. 


If you're looking for a pocket knife that can be carried easily and serve one in all purpose of a knife, then look no further than these tactical cleaver pocket knives. The best part is they are strong built knives with sharp edges to get the job done when needed.  With such an amazing product on your side, there's nothing stopping you from getting more out of life!

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