Do You Have Better Options Than A Knife Fidget Spinner?

Do You Have Better Options Than A Knife Fidget Spinner?

Dec 9th 2022

There are a variety of knives in the market. As fellow knife enthusiasts, the first impression of the knife ultimately comes down to the look and feel of the blade. You just know when the knife is the right one for you. The grip, and sharpness all seem to be amazing.

But, are these the only criteria you should be looking at?

Definitely not. But, we would have to agree on the fact that this one feature of look and feel combined with the knife's primary use makes it a perfect fit for an EDC knife. These features can turn a normal knife into your go-to knife within a short period.


Well, we would like to tell you that there is one knife that claims to have it all - the EDC fidget. But, the question comes down to the fact - If it's useful for you or not.

But, before that, let us first understand what an EDC knife fidget spinner pocket knife is.

The EDC Fidget Spinner

These popular spinners started a new wave in 2017, but, the ordinary fidget spinner was created back in 1993. These fun little EDC fidget spinners were popularly enjoyed by children as they kept their hands busy. It did not take long for everyone to experience that sense of enjoyment this metal spinner gave.

This is where the idea for a knife with a design EDC fidget came to be.

If you have a habit of flicking open and sending it back to the closed position of your knife constantly then you would love this knife. The knife fidget spinner gives a great feel in your hands, is practical as an everyday carry item, and is fun. These stainless steel knives are made from bold looks and high-quality materials.

Now, on to the real question

Is the Knife Fidget Spinner really useful?

There is one key point that you need to take care of while deciding this. It is the purpose you are buying this knife for. Is it cooking, self-defense, camping, or maybe you just need a simple pocket knife for EDC?


I've been waiting for this knife to be born, now that the Baby Rhino is in my pocket, I couldn't be happier with this EDC, it's truly a mini beast flipper that cuts like the adult Rhino. If you want a good looking, lightweight, compact, workhorse with excellent action, look no further. - Cooper S.

Getting a perfect balance and getting accustomed to the item weight of the knife are two things that decide how well you will operate this knife. This is also why blades with superior grips made from top-notch handle materials are preferred by most people.

A firm grip can provide you with the control of weight you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for just a fun tool with some utility for EDC purposes, then you can go for such a knife. But, our personal opinion differs.

Our Recommendation

When you want to tackle any task be it cooking, camping, hunting, or others, you need something that is highly reliable. And we do not see a toy-turned-knife do that.

Okay, so you do not want a big knife. Fair choice. But, then why not choose a badass pocket knife that can handle most EDC purposes, looks stunning, and has the perfect grip? Something like the one below.


The Badger is a perfect size for an EDC. Three inch blade and a grippy handle that's robust, but not too big (or small) that fits well in the hand. - Bad Monkey

Our point is if you need something that is pocket-friendly - size and budget-wise, then you have far better options in pocket knives. Remember the flicking action we mentioned? You have assisted knives for that. In fact, if you want a flip action instead, you can go for flipping knives.

This is why we recommend finalizing your need, selecting a category of knives that satisfies your need, and finally selecting your awesome knife from a wide range of collections. You can do that by clicking here.

Use the filters on the left and select a material like stainless steel, actual color like black or gray finish, your use - camping, hunting, etc., or other parameters based on what you need and it will help you. If you do need any assistance with a purchase or have any suggestions for us, feel free to contact us.

Our knives are over-engineered for all of your off-grid adventures.