Tactical Hawkbill Collectible Folding Knives for Sale


There are some knives that immediately grab your attention, and you just have to have it. Some choices are the tactical hawkbill collectible folding knives that have shape modifications and other unique features.

What Makes a Knife Collectible?

While it’s impossible to know exactly which knife will become a collector’s item, there are a few things to keep in mind when you look. The age of a knife makes it more likely to be a collector’s item, and the historical significance, if any. Also, the condition of the knife, provenance, and where it was made.

For those hoping to get in ahead of the game and discover the next collector’s item, then these other factors will help. The uniqueness of the shape or rarity of the make, as well as the quality and craftsmanship of the piece,  are very important.

The main point of collecting, however, is to fulfill an enthusiasm and have fun. On those counts, get whatever you think looks awesome.

Why Choose a Hawkbill



The hawkbill shape has a sharp inward curve at the end of the blade reminiscent of a hawk’s beak. This is an unusual shape, particularly in today’s market of drop points and tantos, and really sets the knife apart.

The knife has since become tactical, with a variety of modifications made as two blade shapes are blended. One of the best tactical versions is a hawkbill combined with a tanto to make a wicked looking tank of a knife.

Another is the combination of the hawkbill and karambit. Some may think these two knives are too similar, but a good designer knows the benefits of each. The karambit’s an overall curve, and the hawkbill’s wicked looking tip create a tough little knife.

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