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Survival Knife

When an emergency happens, one of the best tools you can have is a good survival knife. That’s something everyone can agree on, but what everyone does not agree on is what features make a good survival knife.

The options available for knives in this category seem endless. It all comes down to deciding which features are best for you and your survival depends on your confidence in the tools you have available. If you’re not confident in your knife, your chances of survival are reduced.

Fixed or Folding?

Some people say that a fixed blade knife is a must for survival. There are lots of great fixed blade knives available, but the question remains, is it the best knife for you? Folding knives are easier to carry and conceal in your pocket, so if you’re more likely to carry a folder, then that’s the best survival knife for you.

A knife will never work if you don’t have it with you when you need it.

Blade Size

A long heavy blade is great for chopping, but not for carrying or concealment. On the other hand, shorter blades can be very convenient, but then make vital tasks more difficult and take more time when seconds matter for survival. Because of this, many people prefer a medium sized blade that combines the best of both categories.


Two key factors for handles are durability and a secure grip. Your knife needs to stand up to lots of different tasks like cutting kindling, cleaning a fish, or maybe even giving someone first aid. No matter the task, the handle must be durable and comfortable in your hand.

The handle material is just as important, and it should not absorb moisture. The last thing you need is a rotted-out handle or one that slips out of your hand due to sweat or rain.

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