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Kershaw is a company that is based in the U.S., makes many of their knives here, but also has some manufactured overseas. This offers buyers the chance to get a quality Kershaw folding knife at an affordable price.

They’ve worked with a wide variety of designers over the years and have produced innovative knives and mechanisms, such as the SpeedSafe system.

What is SpeedSafe

Assisted opens are a common mechanism seen on folding knives today. Ken Onion, working with Kershaw, designed the SpeedSafe mechanism seen on many Kershaw knives which is also one of the first types of assisted opens ever made. 

SpeedSafe works with a torsion bar that, when closed, keeps the knife shut until pressure is put on the flipper or thumb studs. One the pressure is applied, the torsion bar moves and changes to help the blade open.

While this is not the only opening system Kershaw uses, it is one of the most popular, and the most secure for a knife living in your pocket.

Why Choose a Kershaw Knife

Kershaw offers a wide variety of knives designed by high-quality knife makers and designers in their own right. It is literally possible to find a knife for anyone, at a price that suits you. Working with designers like Ken Onion, Emerson, and Dmitry Sinkevich, Kershaw’s range of folding knives is as varied as the people who buy them.

If you want a tactical knife, there is an entire range of CQC knives, which stands for Close Quarter Combat, and even those have a variety of blade styles to choose from.

Using quality materials, Kershaw offers reliability, safety, and smooth workings in a compact package.

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