Karambit Spring Assisted Pocket Knife for Sale


The beauty of innovation is taking an ancient style of blade and modifying it to fit modern times better. That’s certainly the case with a karambit spring assisted pocket knife, a blade design several hundred years old that’s combined with a modern opening system.

Features Of A Karambit

The karambit’s blade and handle curve in a C shape, reminiscent of a tiger’s claw. The handle usually has one or two finger safety loops for improved grip security. The knife was originally developed in Southeast Asia as a farming tool, but over the years has morphed into a combat weapon.

The knife can be found as a single or double-edged blade, but the folding versions are only single edged. The finger loops allowed farmers and fishermen to keep a grip on the knife through mud, storm, cold, and even underwater. Now, those same loops allow a fighter to maintain a strong hold on the knife, and it’s very difficult to disarm an opponent carrying a karambit.

The karambit can be used in either a forward or reverse grip, and the finger loops work whichever way you hold it.

Why Choose A Spring Assisted Knife


Spring assisted mechanisms allow you to open the knife quickly with only one hand. The second best choice to a fixed blade, a spring assisted knife can be deployed almost as quickly and is easier to carry with you.

Spring assisted knives are legal in most states, as opposed to automatic knives, and also have fewer moving parts, making an assisted knife more reliable. Even if an assisted open mechanism breaks, the knife is still usable, you would simply open it as if it were a manual folder, and it may take half a second longer.

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