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Not all surprises are bad, in fact, some are amazing. Like that impromptu barbecue that’s just happening, or you’ve bagged a deer while you’re out, and now you want to use it for dinner. Except your knife can easily cut everything except those vegetables your wife insisted on packing, and you were planning to put on the grill.

Fortunately, there are Japanese cleaver knives for sale online, and they come in a handy, folding form.

Features of a Japanese Folding Cleaver

This knife requires a good quality steel as much, if not more than its fixed blade counterpart. The reason being that it must be thoroughly cleaned, so it doesn’t rust or corrode while it’s folded away.

A razor edge gives you a clean, easy cut, perfect for meat, vegetables, and fruit. Even tougher things like rope won’t stand up for long against a cleaver. A solid locking mechanism is a must, for safety and ease of use, and a flipper or thumb studs make it quicker to open one handed.

The most distinctive feature is the thick rectangular blade, and you should find one with a bit more belly. The final feature you should be looking for is an ergonomic handle, preferably one with a non-slip grip.

Why Choose a Cleaver


First off, because it’s a fantastic cutting tool, for anything. While we did mention vegetables, it doesn’t have to stop there. Cleavers are built for finely slicing whatever comes your way. Have you watched Japanese chefs at a sushi restaurant?

The pocket folder makes it easier to carry, and even if you don’t want it as your everyday carry, it still fits nicely into your hunting bag, ready for when you need it. Finally, these knives are straight up awesome.

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