Japanese Spring Assisted Knife


Japan has a reputation for excellence that, unlike the western world, spans centuries, not decades. However, that does not preclude them from modernizing and taking advantage of others’ innovations as well. A Japanese spring assisted knife melds the more traditional with the very modern in a highly usable blade.

About Japanese Style Tips

The most well-known Japanese knives that are not intended for kitchen use are the tanto and the kwaiken. Both styles have been around for centuries and were originally carried by samurai, with the kwaiken being carried by women as well. The kwaiken blade is long, slender, slightly curved, and was designed for self-defense in tight spaces that wouldn’t allow the use of a sword. 

The tanto tip is one that is easily recognized, with a straight edge that angles sharply upward into the tip. Traditionally, the tanto could be single and double-edged, but today you only see it as a single edge. The tip was designed to punch through armor, and if the user is strong enough, they could actually puncture a car with this knife.

A variation of the tanto that is gaining in popularity is the reverse tanto. Instead of angling back, the spine of the blade angles forward. This gives the reverse tanto a slight belly, granting it additional uses in slicing and cutting without sacrificing its ability to puncture.

Why Choose a Japanese Knife


A Japanese spring assisted knife literally combines eastern and western designs into beautiful, highly functional blades. Japanese knife makers are some of the most acclaimed in the world, constantly improving their craft and working to exacting standards. This shows through in the knives they introduce to the world, including those spring assisted ones.

For additional strength, the Japanese AUS-8 steel is an excellent, durable steel that is used in many quality knives around the world. Off-Grid Knives is pleased to say we used this steel in many of our own knives as we find this the perfect blend of durability and affordability for our customers.

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