Folding Pocket Cleaver Knife for Sale Online

If you’re looking for a knife with a lot of kitchen utility that also looks dangerous, a folding pocket cleaver knife is perfect. With a wide blade to give you a little more to grip, folding cleavers can not only open boxes and letters, but they’re also great for getting an impressive camp meal together.

Features of a Folding Cleaver

A cleaver is a rectangular blade with no point and a good belly for cutting and slicing. Used primarily as a kitchen knife, there has been some interest in it as a tactical knife, due to its dull spine and wide blade.

Some folding cleavers can resemble a reverse tanto, just with a little sharper of an angle towards the tip. As it’s left to the makers to define the style of the tip, don’t forget to check that before purchasing.

As with any other folder, the type of open is entirely a matter of preference. Though if you ever think you may be in a situation that requires opening your knife single-handed, you should get an assisted open.

Who Could use a Folding Cleaver


The folding cleaver is great for anyone who likes to take those last minute trips with their buddies, and may not remember all the cutlery. They’re for the impromptu camping barbecues when you want to impress the ladies.

The lack of a tip makes them seem less threatening if you ever need to use a knife in a more urban area, so those in the city may like to think about one. Cleavers are for the renaissance men, who can work with their hands, make a solid meal over the fire, and take care of those around them.

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