Everyday Carry Flipper Knives

Whether you’re looking for your first EDC or your fiftieth, everyday carry flipper knives are what most people choose. Why? Because they’re compact, easy to carry, and quick to open. There are a few different styles of flipper knife on the market, and knowing your preferences, needs, and uses will help you choose the right one.

For example, an angler will have different needs to a backpacker, which will be different from those of an EMT.


What to Look For

Flipper knives have small thumb studs at the base of the blade, or a flipper on the back of it, allowing you to quickly and easily open it one-handed. Not all thumb studs are created equal, however, and some are only made for right-handed opening. If you’re a lefty, better check that before you buy.

Some folks choose a spring assisted open, as it requires less effort and the blade deploys faster. Some are almost as fast as an automatic but are still flipper knives. A good locking mechanism means the blade won’t accidentally deploy or close on you, and should always be part of your choice.

As the knife is meant to be an everyday carry, it should be durable, tough, and equal to the tasks you have in front of you. A good steel, like M390 - or AUS-8 if you’re still new to sharpening your own knives – is an excellent choice. A non-slip handle for additional grip is good, too. G-10 is a popular choice for many knife makers because it looks great and performs better.


Why Choose a Flipper Knife

For an everyday carry, you need something that can stay with you wherever you go. A fixed blade can’t do that, as it is frowned on, forbidden, or will draw too much attention. A flipper knife can sit in your pocket until it’s needed, doesn’t require a sheath, and is almost as easy to produce as a fixed blade.

Lighter than a fixed, durable, and more discreet, a flipper knife is the preferred option for anyone who needs an EDC.

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