Damascus Flipper Knife for Sale

damascus flipper knife

Traditional methods and modern innovation meet in the Damascus flipper knife. Damascus steel is renowned for its beautiful, wavy patterns, and impressive edge retention. Combine that with the ease of opening that a flipper offers, and you have a knife that you’re always proud to show off.

About Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is an ancient process that has been largely lost today. Nobody knows exactly why this is the case, though there are many theories. In the 1970s William F. Moran unveiled his own Damascus steel. While the term is technically incorrect, as there are numerous factors that went into the creation of the original steel, it is currently as close as we’ve been able to come.

Modern Damascus steel is made by welding two or more pieces of steel, or steel alloys, together, which are then heated and folded to create the patterning. Since one of the steels is softer than the other, an imbalance is formed. As the softer metal wears away, the edge develops micro-serrations, which helps it cut through material that a modern straight edge would struggle with.

Who Could Use It

The Damascus holds an edge longer than a production quality knife, meaning that it won’t need to be sharpened as often. This makes the steel even more attractive to knife enthusiasts who are still new to blade sharpening techniques.

While the metal is durable, many people would prefer not to use it in a heavy duty capacity courtesy of the beauty of the steel. There are, however, a number of knives made from Damascus steel that are suitable for everyday carry available. We’re sure the owners of such treasures would be far more careful in using that blade as opposed to a typical stainless steel.

A Damascus flipper knife would also make a great gift for any occasion. Groomsmen, business people, even bridesmaids who are knife enthusiasts would all appreciate the gift.

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