CRKT Squid Knife for Sale


When looking for a new everyday carry, it’s important to remember that bigger isn’t always better. The CRKT Squid knife for sale proves that. A compact knife made from 8Cr13MoV steel, the Squid is a pocket rocket designed in the spirit of a derringer.

About 8Cr13MoV

Very similar in composition to Japanese AUS-8 steel, the Chinese counterpart 8Cr13MoV steel is quite popular for budget knives. This steel is easy to sharpen, cuts very well on softer materials, and 8Cr13MoV has prevalent usage among many well-known manufacturers.

Evenly balanced between corrosion resistance, strength, and cutting ability, 8Cr13MoV makes a decent knife, particularly for those who are still new to every-day carries. With proper heat treatment, this steel can attain a good level of hardness which only bolsters its other properties.

Why Choose the Squid


While the CRKT Squid is small, it is beautifully designed by Lucas Burnley, who shows admirable understanding of what people want in a compact EDC. With a blade length of 2.1 inches and a handle of 3.4 inches, the small size makes the Squid perfect for just about every situation except the tactical one.

The Squid’s drop point blade is actually a popular feature with survival knives. Survivalists find that a drop point is far more flexible in its usage and the thicker tip gives a lot of added strength to the blade. This particular tip combined with a flat back means more maneuverability and control of your knife as well. 

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