Classy Pocket Knives for Sale


Modern survival and tactical knives aren’t suited to every situation or need. Sometimes, all you want are those classy pocket knives like your grandpa used to carry. More suited to social situations, classic knives will never look out of place at any gathering.

What Is A Classy Knife

Classy is a rather generic term but is one used to describe classic gentlemen’s knives as well as the modern knives that follow the same look. These knives tend to be manual folding knives, often requiring two hands to open.

Classic gent’s knives don’t have locking mechanisms, but modern iterations will have one. The handles are often made from natural materials like wood, antler, or bone, with brass or stainless steel bolsters.

These aren’t futuristic looking knives, but rather ones that would look good with a suit. Many Damascus steel knives follow the classic look, being manual opens with wooden handles. This makes for incredible looking knives that can perform the basic functions while impressing the crowd.

Why Choose a Gentleman’s Knife


Gentlemen’s knives make great gifts, especially for groomsmen. These knives aren’t out of place at weddings, parties, or just in the city. Classy knives like these can also be given as gifts to women, who appreciate the aesthetics and beauty of a Damascus steel knife.

These knives aren’t as threatening, so if you need a knife while around people, a classic knife is the obvious choice. Since this knife is made from stainless steel it works perfectly for cutting fruit, can be washed without corroding, and always looks good.

Women who want to carry a knife but aren’t interested in overbuilt modern knives would love a classy gent’s knife. Let’s face it; knives aren’t just for men.

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