Carabiner Keychain Bottle Opener for Sale

There are so many things you need to carry with you at all times these days, and sometimes the smaller things, like keys, can get lost. That’s where a carabiner keychain bottle opener comes in handy. You can keep your keys in a handy spot at your waist, and always have a bottle opener on you, too.

Features of a Keychain Carabiner

There are as many versions of a carabiner under the sun as knives, but there are a few things they should have for best use. While the exact nature of the extras depends on you and what you want, we’ll go over the basics.

A carabiner may look like the smaller, lighter version of the climbing carabiner, in an angular D shape with a gate on one side. Or, another style may resemble a figure eight with two gates. There are often little dips, nicks, and holes in them, and they usually have a purpose outside of aesthetic.

Hex drives, folding knives and saws, screwdrivers, spinners, pry bars, and of course, bottle openers, can all be found on carabiners, though not usually all at once. As you look, think about what you need, and what you want.

For example, you’d normally associate a spinner with children, but they were designed as an aid for those with ADD and ADHD. So if you have one of those conditions, a carabiner with a spinner can really aid your concentration, or it can alleviate boredom.

Why Purchase a Keychain Carabiner

 Carabiners allow you to keep your keys safely at hand, securely fastened to your belt loop. If you choose the right one, you’ll never be hunting frantically for that one little tool you always end up needing.

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