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There are a number of knives out there that have a distinct wow factor to them. It may even be difficult to choose between them, however, what you can do is buy reverse tanto flipper knives online. This style looks like a pocket tank and is utterly awesome.

What is a Reverse Tanto

A tanto knife is based on Japanese designs of blades that were carried by the samurai. Tantos were designed to punch through armor and can be used for slashing as well. The tip contains a lot of metal near it and is an extremely strong tip. The blade is straight, and the tip angles sharply back to make the point.

A reverse tanto angles forward, giving you a slight belly to the blade while still retaining the durable tip. The belly makes it better at cutting and slicing and, like the tanto, it’s very good at puncturing. If you’re looking for a little more versatility in a badass package, a reverse tanto is perfect.

Example of a Reverse Tanto


Off-Grid Knives offers a reverse tanto, the OG-780 Seadog. Made from AUS-8 steel, it has a razor edge and was cryogenically treated using liquid nitrogen. This exact same method is used by the US military to provide extra strength and durability to the blades. This treatment provides additional wear resistance and edge retention, perfect for those who intend to use their knives hard.

The handle is made from G10 with texturing and an ergonomic grip. The handle was built larger, so it’s comfortable to use with or without gloves. As this is a flipper knife, it’s ambidextrous, so anyone can use it easily. For an extra bonus, there is a glass breaker on the handle, so you’re prepared for emergencies.

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