Buy Online Spring Assisted Survival Knives


Life is full of unexpected moments, and spring assisted survival knives can make all the difference in how well you handle one. Most noted for being durable, a survival knife often has extras like glass breakers and seat belt cutters for those unpredicted, dangerous times.

Types of Assisted Opens

There are two primary types of assisted open knives; the spring assisted and the torsion bar. An assisted open operates with thumb studs or a flipper, sometimes both, to begin opening the knife. After the blade has reached a certain point, the spring or bar snaps into action and pushes the blade the rest of the way.

For lefties, it’s important to ensure that the knife can be opened with your dominant hand. Flippers are always ambidextrous, but not all knives have two thumb studs, so be sure to check that before you buy.

Features of a Survival Knife


The requirements for a folding survival knife are a little different from fixed blades, so this should help you in your search. Also note that the best survival knives are fixed blade but we acknowledge that life is unpredictable, so make sure you have a survival quality folding on you just in case.  

The knife blade shouldn’t be too long or short. Over four inches and the blade can be awkward to work with, too small and it’s not sturdy enough for the job. A blade size between two and a half and four inches is best.

The knife needs a solid locking mechanism since you’ll likely be using the knife with different pressures and from different angles. The knife needs a sharp point and a belly for slicing. Choose what feels best to you.

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