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With the number of knife makers out there, it would be surprising if they didn’t have collaborations on knife design and production. One collaboration that’s growing in popularity is the Kershaw Zero Tolerance automatic knives. Both are part of the KAI family of knives, but as their own separate entities, any teamwork creates an impressive knife.

What is an Automatic Knife

Automatic knives are also known as switchblades, and simply put, allow you to deploy the blade with the simple push of a button. Some types use a lever or a switch, so essentially, they are knives that deploy without any physical effort by the user. They can open from the side, like your usual folding knives, or out the front, so the blade springs straight out of the handle.

Automatic knives aren’t legal in every state, so make sure to check your local laws before purchasing. Better to know in advance then buy a knife that can be confiscated.

Features of the Kershaw ZT Automatic Knife

The specific use of an automatic knife is usually for combat and tactical situations. For that, it needs to have a good locking mechanism, and even a safety catch so it can’t open up inside your pocket. Fortunately, Zero Tolerance and Kershaw have a wealth of talent between them.

There is a new mechanism built into the deployment switch, so the switch as normal activates the blade. Once the blade is locked back inside the handle, that same switch can be pressed towards the handle to lock the knife in place. So now you can have it in your pocket, locked, and even if it snags as you try to take the knife out, or accidentally flip the switch, the blade won’t deploy.

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