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An everyday carry is a folding pocket utility knife, the jack of all trades in the knife world. These knives are general purpose, meant to be used wherever a sharp tool is needed.

What Is A Utility Knife

A utility knife was originally a fixed blade knife used for everything from scraping hides to butchering, cleaning fish to pruning. Over time, those knives became folders, which are now commonly referred to as an everyday carry, or EDC knife.

Today, EDC utility knives can be manual folders or assisted opens, but are rarely fixed blade knives. These knives are generally made from stainless steel and used break down boxes, cut rope and lines, dig small holes, skin game, and also provide a degree of protection. The stainless steel prolongs the blade’s life and makes it easier to clean the knife without rusting thoroughly.

Though the look of the knife is far more modern, the purpose is the same, to provide a cutting tool that can easily be kept on you at all times.


Who Could Use A Folding Utility Knife

People who enjoy the outdoors, such as campers, hunters, anglers, backpackers, and survivalists should always have a folding knife on them. This knife is not only useful for generic tasks but essential in case of an emergency situation. A person can survive without a lot of things; a solid cutting tool isn’t one you can do without.

Tradesmen would also find a utility knife useful for stripping wires, trimming edges, even for cutting up food for lunch. These knives can also double as a self-defense weapon. It is best if you’ve got some training in martial arts to back it up, as defense is not a utility knife’s main purpose.

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