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For some, having a knife in your pocket just doesn’t work. Either you don’t have pockets, or you need it closer to hand, or you don’t like the weight of it in there. For those times and people, there is the folding karambit neck knife.

Designed to hang around your neck, you can choose the cord for the greatest comfort, and know your knife is close to hand.

What is a Karambit

A karambit is a curved knife that was first designed in Southeast Asia. Taking inspiration from a tiger’s claw, the entire knife, including the handle, curves in a half-moon shape.

Originally used for agriculture and fishing, the Indonesian and Filipino militaries soon adopted it as a combat and tactical knife.

There are finger loops set into the handle to provide additional grip and safety. When working, it becomes impossible to drop the knife or lose your grip, even in stormy weather, cold, icy, or muddy conditions. For combat, those finger loops ensure you’ll never lose your grip on the knife.

Why Choose a Karambit Neck Knife

A karambit is a very versatile knife, with an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to grip in a variety of ways. In the forward hold, it’s an easily controlled knife that can slice through small branches with ease. In the reverse hold, it becomes a weapon of self-defense that has been tried and tested in the field.

A neck knife is the oldest way to carry a knife, as it kept them ready to hand at all times. Easily hidden by a shirt or jacket if necessary, the knife can be carried with paracord, leather, or even the ball chain used for dog tags. Whether you need the knife as an EDC or for self-defense, the karambit is a good, all around knife.

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