Buy a Credit Card Folding Knife Online


If you’ve ever been caught without your everyday carry, you know the frustration of trying to do a job that requires a small blade. These days, you can buy a credit card folding knife online at affordable prices, and if you choose the right maker, get a good quality one, too.

What is a Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife has a small blade made from thin, surgical steel that stays flat in its casing. The blades are small, 2.5 inches on average, and are designed to give you that extra edge when you need it. These knives are the exact size of a credit card and can fit comfortably in your wallet or money clip.

Once the knife is slipped out, the ‘card’ folds into a handle, which can be quickly fastened together with little snaps. The sheath is built-in and turns into the handle once you’ve opened the knife. The handle is generally made from polypropylene for durability, grip, and light weight.

These knives are not designed for heavy-duty work; rather, they’re meant to be used when you don’t have anything else to hand.

Why Choose a Credit Card Knife


A credit card folding knife is the perfect knife to keep on hand when you have no other options. This usually means slicing food for lunch, particularly if you’re on the trail, trimming a loose thread, or opening a letter without damaging the envelope. Because the handle set up can take a few seconds, we wouldn’t advise using it for self-defense.

As well as its useful applications, this knife is a novelty and would make a great gift, especially for those who like a different look when opening a letter.

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