Why a Pocket Cleaver Knife Should be your Next Knife

Why a Pocket Cleaver Knife Should be your Next Knife

Aug 18th 2021

In current times, the cleaver shape is one of the most popular blade shapes. These knives are noted for their large cutting surfaces, snub-nose tips, overall strength, and durability, along with their aggressive appearance. The pocket cleavers are also no exception; some of them are better than others.

What is Cleaver?

A cleaver is a versatile and highly functional knife that slices, dices, and chops like no other. Cleavers can come in various shapes and sizes, but they usually have a rectangular profile and are blade-heavy.

For a few years, the trend of folding knives shaped like blades has kind of faded away. In my opinion, most people buy them because cleaver blades are a refreshing change from non-stop drop points in EDCs.

Regardless of whether cleavers are under-appreciated alternatives to a range of new knife uses or just a way to differentiate yourself from the basic drop-points of the knife world, there are some well-made examples available. To create an unnecessary organization, we have categorized our best folding pocket cleavers according to whether they are intended for everyday carry or food preparation.

What is the knife used for?

Cleavers are typically used on thin, soft bones and sinew to make short work of them. You can, for example, use it to chop through thin chicken bones or separate ribs from the bird's body. In addition to preparing vegetables and other foods, like squash, using cleavers is advantageous because thin-slicing blades can shatter.

Cleavers are not used for cutting into solid, challenging, and thick bones, but instead, a bone saw, either manually or manually powered, is used.

Off-Grid Knives offers a high-quality cleaver folding knife at an affordable price. We use only the best quality AUS8 steel to ensure a sharp and highly usable knife.

If there was ever a "fun" fixed blade knife, this is it. I've used it camping and on long hikes, even used it in my home kitchen...the Hoglet is a kick-ass EDC fixie! - Brian P.  

Cleaver-style folding knives are wider blades with a rectangular shape used for cooking, butchering, and hacking through things. If you are looking for a cleaver-style folding knife for sale online, your focus will be more than just a butcher knife. As a tool, the cleaver-style blade can be used for a variety of tasks.

  • Hacking– The larger blade size is ideal for long hard swings that need to be cut through in one swipe.
  • Cleaning– The flat shape is suitable for shaving scales off a fish or scraping clean a smooth surface
  • Chopping– No folding knife will be better at chapping than a cleaver style blade
  • Every Day Carry– With a sharp and sturdy edge, cleaver style blades are practical for everyday use as well

This is a nice little neck knife. Came sharp out of the box. For this price you have nothing to lose. - John F.  


  • It's specially designed edge allows it to effortlessly withstand repeated blows into dense meat, dense cartilage, bones, and the cutting board below. Softer, more robust steel that goes with a thicker blade mitigates the risk of fracture or buckling from hard usage.
  • This knife is used to chop straight through rather than slice as you would with a saw. Essentially, it's swung like a meat tenderizer or a hammer to cut efficiently. As much momentum as a cleaver generates, how hard the user turns it and how heavy it is. Therefore, a meat cleaver's edge does not need to be exceptionally sharp - in fact, its edge should not be knife-sharp. Generally, meat cleavers have a blunter grind than other kitchen knives, at approximately 25°.
  • With a cleaver, you will also be able to crush a slice of meat with the thick, thick side of the blade, while some other hard, thin slicing knives could become damaged by repeated stress.
  • In the top right corner of some cleavers, there is a small hole hanging on a wall. Laying the blade flat can dull or damage it, which is why butchers don't like to do it.

How good is the Cleaver Knife?

The blade feels a lot more like a cleaver than a sheepsfoot, the blade stock is still nice and wide, but you get a heavily textured all-stainless-steel handle with a frame lock and ball bearings; the whole thing lends itself to a challenge, ergonomic build with swift action.

Again, not strictly a folding cleaver. It's more of a sheepsfoot, but it was made with something of a cleaver mentality. The knife is meant to be tough enough to get smacked around. It has a generous blade stock with a flat grind and a thick handle that feels comfortable in the hand when you're chopping down or slicing into something.

Cleaver blades give an edgy, "don't mess with me" vibe due to their large cutting surface and incredible durability. A staple weapon of choice in the kitchen can now be carried around in your pocket for utmost convenience. If you have been a big fan of EDC items, you won't want to miss this recent trend of cleaver foldaway knives. Check out our twelve favorite EDC clever knives to wrap your head around this perfect pocket companion and to test the waters of the latest fad.

When it comes to carrying cleaver-style knives, what makes them suitable for everyday use?

  • Knives such as these excel at cutting, slicing, and chopping, just like the reliable kitchen cleaver. The blade of a cleaver-style knife is significantly thicker and more solid than a thin utility knife. You can use them for larger tasks, and their size doesn't affect their portability. Furthermore, since they lack a pronounced point, you can keep a low profile when using one in public.


Off-Grid Knives knives and blades always show off the brand's signature style, regardless of the blade shape or knife style. Their folding cleaver is no different, either. EDC knives can be robust, durable, and attractive in equal measure. It is considered to be a great privilege for anyone to own this blade.

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