Fidget Spinner Knife - Do You Really Need It?

Fidget Spinner Knife - Do You Really Need It?

Dec 9th 2022

If you are a knife enthusiast you might have heard about this knife. If not, you are in for a surprise. Let us uncover the origin of a fidget spinner knife & whether you really need it.

There are many types of knives in the market namely pocket knives, tactical knives, and so on. Each with its own unique capabilities. But, there is also a different type of knife that is small in size but packed with a lot of functionality.

Something which is unique and cool.

There were many options available in the market for knives. For example, we have a range of awesome knives. Some of the most popular ones with stainless steel are Black Mamba V2, Fat Boy Blackout, and Rapid fire blackout. 


The grind is one of the best I've seen. Cutting edge is phenomenal, the M390 steel is superb. Action is incredibly smooth with minimal effort needed to deploy the blade. Jimping on top of the blade is perfect for any fine detail work. This knife was well made and it shows. - Jake B

Their looks are not the only thing that is cool about them. These knives are quite capable of handling tasks that you put up in front of them.

But, what about the fidget knives? Where did they originate from?

Fidget Spinner Knife Origin

The ordinary Fidget spinners date back to 1993 but became popular spinners in 2017. The craze for a fidget spinner was at an all-time high. People even loved buying metal spinners. After some time, it was just another normal gadget.

But, we cannot deny the fact that it was fun while it lasted. Like you, we were also fascinated by how awesome this little spinner was.

Truly a 'mini-mighty' fixed blade that will get the job done and stay with you, literally, all day long. Light as a feather and I love the scout carry option. - Seth G.

This is how the idea of knives with fidget spinners came into existence.

Knife manufacturers were thrilled by the idea of making something multi-functional that looks cool. That is when the idea of a knife fidget spinner with an ergonomic spinner button came to light. 

Uses of a Fidget Spinner Knife

With a fidget spinner pocket knife, you have a tactical gadget that is affordable, useful, and built to last for a long time. This awesome knife has a lightweight design and is easy to carry. Its multi-functionality is what makes it truly interesting.

This tool can be used as a smooth spinning fidget spinner, safe spinner, bottle opener, bolt wrench, or dual clips. It keeps your hands busy when bored, spins silently and is perfectly balanced. It is carefully crafted with high-quality steel and has two tactical spring-loaded clips.

So, what about times when you do not want to use it?

Just clip it to your keychain, purse, belt loop, or backpack.


The Raptor is a solid, tough, cutting machine and feels great in hand. The overall look is very original and very cool looking, love the blackout finish. An excellent EDC, highly recommended, the Raptor means business!. - Dustin J.

The technical feature of this blade is that it is generally made from Japanese AUS-4 steel with high-quality R188 bearings. Weighing at 1.6 ounces, it spins for extended spin times like 3-5 minutes silently without disturbing anyone.


If you are looking for a knife that is an everyday carry item, safe carry, multi-functional, and with some good looks, you can go with this sharp fidget spinner knife.

But, we want to let you know that this is not your only choice. At OffGridKnives, we will provide you with a variety of knife options that will help you tackle the task in front of you. Cooking, camping, hunting, law enforcement, etc. You name it and we will have a knife ready for that.

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So, though we love fidget knives, there are a wide variety of knives available that are better. So, in our opinion, you should choose what you want from your knife, go to the category and select from a wide range of options.

Whether you are casually looking for a knife or a knife enthusiast, we would like what you have to say. So, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns regarding any product or purchase, we will be happy to listen to you.

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