Best Karambit Knife for Self-Defense


There is always debate about which is the best type  of karambit. We maintain that the best karambit knife for self-defense is the one you choose. There are minute differences in handling between folding and fixed blades, pros and cons, and it’s up to each person to decide what works best for them.

What Is a Karambit

The karambit is a curved knife that was created in Southeast Asia. Inspired by the shape of a tiger’s claw, it’s unique because the entirety of the knife, including the handle, forms a C shape. The design includes one to two finger safety loops to prevent loss of the knife in bad weather, under water, or in a fight.

Originally used as an everyday carry by farmers and fishermen, it was soon adopted as a self-defense weapon. The curved shape lends itself to slashing and can hook materials, slicing through even if the user doesn’t have a secure hold on the item.

Why Choose a Karambit


The karambit is a wicked looking knife, and pulling one of those out before a fight has the potential to end the fight before it starts. If it is necessary to use it, then the finger loops will ensure a secure grip whether the knife held in a forward or reverse grip.

Choosing a karambit not only gives you a well-designed self-defense knife, but you also have a proven EDC, particularly if you live on a farm or close to the wilderness.

We always recommend taking a course before using a blade for self-defense. There’s no shortage of information to teach you how to use a karambit in a fight, and even a brief education can give you the basics.

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