Automatic Pocket Knife for Sale


People are always interested in faster, sharper, and better; whether this is cars, motorcycles, or knives, we want more. Fortunately, with knives, there is an automatic pocket knife for sale anywhere you look.

We remind you that automatic knives are not legal in every state, so check your local laws before you buy.

Types of Automatic Actions

There are three main types of automatic actions for knives. The way automatic knives operate is via a button on the side of the handle. All the opening mechanisms are inside the handle as well, as opposed to an assisted open, which has the opening mechanisms on the blade. Side opening automatic knives are more like the classic folding knife, just extremely quick.

Out the Front (OTF) has two different styles, as well as a different action from a side opening. With OTF knives the blade comes from the tip of the handle and can be a double sided blade.

A single action OTF blade only deploys the blade. It cannot retract it. A double action OTF can both deploy and retract the blade with the same switch, making it much more convenient and easier to use one-handed.

Why Choose an Automatic Knife


The reasons someone chooses to purchase an automatic knife are varied. These knives are awesome, and loads of fun to have. A side opening automatic is more practical than an Out the Front, particularly one that has a needle tipped dagger shape to it.

There are some schools of thought who feel that the side opening is safer, as well. Since the blade opens like a normal pocket knife, an accidental open will have it coming into contact with your pocket, which can slow it down or stop it. An Out the Front has the potential to do some damage if it accidentally opens.

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