ENFORCER XL + Glass Breaker (154CM) - Warehouse Deal!

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Backed By Our
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Enforcer XL with 154CM Blade Steel 

We heard you loud and clear...you wanted a big, tactical folding knife.  We answered the call with the Enforcer XL, the biggest flipper Off-Grid has ever made.  This knife is the Black Mamba v2 on steroids, the Clip Point/Reverse Tanto blade is 4 inches of blackwashed DLC coated 154CM blade steel.  The handle is 5.2 inches with very grippy diamond G10 scales, the cherry on top is the glass breaker, aka, the "crowd tamer".  The extended handle gives tons of room to strike without damaging your hand, should you need to bust out a windshield or take out an attacker, the Enforcer XL will take care of business.  The glass breaker is easily removed and added back on, depends on your personal needs and preference.  Like all Off-Grid knife designs, the Enforcer XL  is overbuilt and made for everyday hard-use.  Whether you're in the Military, Law Enforcement, Security Guard, or just a knife-nut who wants to carry a "little" extra muscle,  this knife will be ready for action.  The Enforcer XL rides super deep in your pocket with the option of left hand carry.  The blade fires on ceramic bearings, this blade throws it's weight around, one pull of the flipper tab and it's ON.  Some days you need to roll big, good news, the Enforcer XL is ready to ride. 

"This is my second enforcer XL it makes a very good EDC, and handy tool. The blade is very solid and sharp, intuitive to use for precise cuts but strong enough and big enough for broad cuts through tough material. As a former LEO, I love having the option for a glass breaker for emergencies." 
-Brian R.
BIG Clip Point w. 154CM Steel

The Enforcer XL blade design has the DNA of our best selling Black Mamba, with extended length and width.  4 inch blade for a folding knife and 4mm thick blade stock fits the bill as an XL blade.  Off-Grid loves the Clip Point or Reverse Tanto style, such a versatile blade shape, self defense use or simple cutting tasks, it will take whatever you can dish out.  The Blackout 154CM has incredible edge retention, corrosion resistance and it comes razor sharp out of the box. The DLC coating adds even more corrosion resistance and toughness with a blackwash tumbled finish.  

Extra Large Handle w. Tactical Purpose

The Enforcer XL handle will make gorilla hands look like a small child, the design purpose was to add weight, strength and length when the glass breaker needs to be used.  With 7.2 ounces of badassery, no need to deploy the blade should an emergency situation arise, a quick hammer grip and the glass breaker will take care of business, we also added tactical diamond G10 scales for no-slip traction. *Note: the Glass Breaker was designed to be easily removed, simply unscrew with plyers and store it for future use when you want to reattach. 

Instant Crowd Control

One flip of this beast and the unruly mob will duck for cover, the Enforcer XL exudes authority and badass energy. Off-Grid designed the Enforcer XL and our friends at Bestech built it, just like our Rhino V2, Baby Rhino, Elite Series, Cleaver V2 and Raptor... these guys know how to create buttery smooth action.  This knife rides on ceramic bearings, when ready for deployment, the blade will launch into position and lock up like a vault.

XL Size But Drops Deep In Your Pocket

Have we mentioned the Enforcer XL is a big knife?  The good news is the pocket clip is deep, this knife will ride low in your pocket but always ready for quick deployment. We made the screws on the clip flush with the handle, easy in and out of the pocket, no snags.  And we hooked up the 10 percenters, Lefties, we got you.

All Business

The Enforcer XL is designed for any and all rough and tough situations.  Are you ready to go BIG and take on the world?  That's an easy answer, of course you are.  

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