Tactical Hawkbill Knife for Sale


Finding a knife that suits your needs as well as satisfying personal style can often be challenging. However, those who are looking for a knife that looks intimidating is highly functional, and built like a tank may want to take a look at the Off-Grid tactical hawkbill knife for sale.

What is a Hawkbill Blade

A hawkbill knife looks similar to a karambit in that the blade is curved downward, but the hawkbill does this from a straight handle. This inverted belly allows you to utilize the entire length of the blade when cutting and requires less force.

As with the karambit, the hawkbill has been used both for agriculture and for combat, though its history is not as long or well documented. If using the hawkbill for self-defense, it’s best to hold the blade in a reverse grip and use it as a slashing weapon. We do recommend obtaining training if you intend to use it for self-defense.

Uses of a Hawkbill Knife


The hawkbill was originally intended for use in agriculture and fishing, with the blade being perfect for pruning or cutting nets. Over the years, many have been fascinated with the shape of this blade. This interest has led to knife makers performing modifications, and there are a number of tactical designs available.

With modifications, you will find many hawkbills being used for camping, by hunters, survivalists, and preppers. The downward sweep makes it perfect for slicing, and most modifications give it a usable tip, so it has more functionality, particularly for survival and utility purposes.

The OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper is a combination of the hawkbill belly and the tanto tip. As a result, it has been used many times in the field by the military and law enforcement with excellent reviews. If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.

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