Tactical Cleaver Knives


Trends are constantly changing in the world of folding knives, influencing the styles that knife makers produce. Right now, tactical cleaver knives are a rising star in the field. With their large blades, durable build, and tough demeanor, it’s no wonder they’re gaining in popularity. 

Features of a Tactical Cleaver

Since tactical cleavers are meant to be more durable than their more generic brethren, it’s important to choose one with a steel to match. Pick one that won’t need to be sharpened too often and won’t wear out too quickly. 

As it’s likely you’ll end up cutting food at some point (it’s a cleaver, after all), high resistance to corrosion is ideal. A steel like AUS-8 is the perfect blend of quality and price and is the metal of choice for many knife makers.

A sturdy, non-slip handle is also important is always important. Try for G10, or a textured metal so that you won’t slip. As these knives are tactical and meant for everyday carry, there’s no telling what you’ll end up doing. Cutting vegetables, slicing meats, using it as a last-ditch self-defense weapon, no matter what, a good grip is important.

Who Could Use It


Like all knives, different styles often mean different purposes, and cleavers are no different. Their unique shape makes them ideal for chopping, cutting, and slicing, and courtesy of their bulk, they’re pretty good at all of it. Anybody who thinks they’ll need a heavy duty cutter should take a closer look at these knives, and we’re sure they’ll find something they like.

Hunters, survivalists, backpackers, and campers are all people who are likely to end up doing food prep far from any convenience store, and it goes much easier with the right knife. They are also likely to need a knife that’s capable of more than food prep, and is tough as well. Tactical cleaver knives fit the bill admirably.

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