Razor Blade Folding Knife


Are you hunting for a new everyday carry and aren’t sure if you’ve found one sharp enough? You can find a razor blade folding knife that has the right edge shape to become an everyday carry.

About Razors

A razor edge is an incredibly thin, sharp edge designed to cut through almost anything. These blades have been specially heat treated for maximum strength in order to withstand the rigors of every day usage and wear.

While this type of edge is most frequently seen in utility knives, there has been a rise of razor edges in standard pocket knives in recent years. Razor knives are primarily slicing and cutting edges, and definitely not meant for hacking or chopping. 

Who Could Use It


Anybody who needs a razor can absolutely use this knife. With the safety of a folding knife, combined with the cutting power of a razor, it is an excellent tool to get any job done. 

While tradesmen, in particular, would find this knife useful, it is by no means limited to them. Hunters find razor edge knives work well when skinning animals, and due to the way the metal is treated, they hold their edges much longer than you would anticipate.

Some examples of razor-edged knives are the OG Seadog, which is made from AUS-8 steel. The flared tip and reverse tanto edge give you even better slicing capabilities. Another example is the OG-170 Fat Boy Pocket Tank. This manual folder has been designed to be used as a utility folder, and is suitable for electricians to use.

Off-Grid Knives is here to work hard for you, finding the right knife and edge style for your needs and tastes. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you find the best knife to suit you.

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