Rapid Fire Knives for Sale


There are a number of knives and styles available on the market, and it becomes difficult to choose one. A prime way is to decide what you need in a knife and find which one best meets those needs. Off-Grid Knives has their Rapid Fire knives for sale, which are designed to work as hard as you do.

Features of a Rapid Fire Knife

Made from AUS-8 steel, this knife is cooled and treated with liquid nitrogen in the exact same process the US military uses. This improves the wear resistance and provides extra corrosion protection. Some of the blades are coated with titanium nitride for extra durability of the blade.

The handles are made from G10 with CNC scales or a textured reinforced fiberglass nylon, all ergonomically shaped for improved grip. The knives in the series have dual thumb studs and a flipper so that you can open the knife with either hand. 

Why Choose Rapid Fire


These knives were designed and built at a military grade for you. Tough, durable, and with all the extras to make carrying one a pleasure and as easy as possible. These knives are strong enough that they can be used by the military, law enforcement, backpackers, and survivalists as an everyday carry.

The Rapid Fire range encompasses five knives, allowing you to fine-tune your choice while keeping all the benefits. Color, handle, finish, even semi serrations are available within the range. 

With the quality of the materials going into them, you know they’ll last, and Off-Grid Knives is proud to send them out shaving sharp right from the box. These knives offer you high quality without the excessively high costs, perfect for everybody and their mother. No matter what you’re looking for, Off-Grid Knives is here to help.

If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.

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