Custom Tactical Folding Knives for Sale Online


We’re always looking for a great knife to be an everyday carry. Something that can take a beating and still keeps working as hard as you do. That’s why Off-Grid Knives  has custom tactical folding knives for sale online. They’re built durable, to help people survive the toughest situations, which makes them perfect as an EDC.

Key Features of Folding Tactical Knives

The steel used should be of a good quality stainless steel. You need a knife that can withstand hard use without needing to be sharpened every two minutes. AUS-8 is a high quality, affordable option that is extremely popular. If you’re able to, M390 is even better and is worth the extra cost.

The blade needs to be easily opened with one hand, so dual thumb studs or a flipper is essential, spring assisted is a plus. The handle should be textured, so your hand doesn’t slip, G10 is very popular with many knife makers for this very reason. A comfortable, ergonomic handle that fits all sizes is important.

The blade shape should have a good, sharp tip and a little belly for slicing and cutting. A modified tanto tip is a good choice, though the drop tip and spear tips are also excellent. As an addition, glass breakers and seat belt cutters ensure you’re ready for any situation that you may run across.

Examples of Tactical Folding Knives


The Legal Eagle flipper knife is a modified tanto blade made from cryo Japanese AUS-8 steel. This little knife packs a huge punch, and the shape of the handle makes it comfortable even for larger hands and includes a glass breaker. The Legal Eagle was designed with input from law enforcement and has been proven in the field many times.

The Hawkbill Hybrid flipper is another popular choice amongst both law enforcement and the military. Made using AUS-8 steel, with a G10 handle, this knife is a good deal larger and heavier than the Legal Eagle.

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