CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife


Not everyone wants or needs a top quality pocket knife for their everyday carry. Sometimes, all you want is a budget beater knife, and the CRKT Squid folding pocket knife fits that bill. This small knife is the reigning champion of the under $40 division, and it’s no wonder why.

Features of the CRKT Squid

The Squid is small, with a blade length of only 2.25 inches, and a handle of 3.5 inches. Despite its small stature, the knife is sturdy and quite heavy at 3.4 ounces, giving the impression of added strength, which the knife is glad to prove.

Made from 2Cr13 stainless steel, it’s very corrosion resistant, and overall a decent steel, particularly for the price of the blade. While we wouldn’t use it for fine work like fruit or soft vegetables, it’s perfectly capable of dealing with the everyday rough stuff.

Designed for deep pocket carry, with additional features like thumb studs, a lanyard hole, and a stainless steel handle, this is a great little knife. Matched with other knives on ability alone, it can hold its own against a much higher weight and price class.

Why Choose the CRKT Squid


This is perfect for introducing the next generation to their first knife. Well priced, easy to care for, and small, it can quickly become a favorite for first-timers. Even knife enthusiasts will find something to enjoy in this knife, as it displays an excellent design and good craftsmanship.

The CRKT Squid folding knife hasn’t been around long but looks good to stand the test of time. It evokes memories of your first knife, or the knife your grandfather had, both because of the simplicity of the design, and it’s compact, easy to use form.

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