Buy The Pocket Tank Manual Folding Knife Online


All knives are not created equal, and sometimes what you need is a pocket tank manual folding knife, also known as the OG-170 Fat Boy. This solid knife fits neatly on your belt or in your pocket, perfect for those times when you need a razor sharp blade.

Features of the Pocket Tank

The Fat Boy is a compact, everyday carry utility knife. It has a blade two and one-quarter inches long, and just over an inch wide made from AUS-8 steel that can easily take and hold a razor edge. This manual folding knife uses a button lock release system so that you can open and close it with one hand.

The handle is just over three inches long, stainless steel, and built thick so that it fits well in your hand with a shorter handle. There is a jimped thumb ramp for better grip, and a deep pocket carry clip. A lanyard hole at the base of the handle provides additional carry options.

Why Choose the Fat Boy



The Fat Boy is built like a tank and designed to work as hard as you do. It fits easily in a pocket, and the strong clip keeps it there until it’s needed. The perfect utility knife, it can be used for fishing, hiking, biking, and camping as the wide blade offers it a degree of strength not often seen in a small knife.

Electricians, mechanics, and other tradesmen would find the Fat Boy a handy knife to have, sharp enough to cut through hoses or strip wires. This everyday carry knife can and has been used for every task that might crop up in day to day life without a hitch.

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