Disguised Self Defense Weaponry

Disguised Self Defense Weaponry

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Jul 27th 2018

You may have seen some of them on the big screen, but they’re not limited to just James Bond anymore.

When you think of self-defense weapons, various guns and knives might come to mind. These are the most common, but you might not realize that plenty of other options exist on the market today. You may have seen some of them on the big screen, but they’re not limited to just James Bond anymore.

Hidden Knives

Items in this category take concealment to a new level, transforming everyday objects into blades that can get you out of trouble. Of course, these knives can be used for any task that a regular small pocket knife can handle, adding another reason to keep one handy.

Deep Pocket Carry 

Some of the best knives that stay low in your pocket but at the same time help protect you are folding deep pocket carry knives.  These knives are built specifically for helping to keep you safe in any situation, because they are legal carries You can keep them on you regardless of where you go from supermarket to the great outdoors. 

The Scorpion surpasses everything else in my collection. - HB

Built to Stay Low

Especially helpful are the assisted knives which "spring" into action when you need them most. Plus these folding every day carry knives are perfect for around the house tasks such as cutting boxes or wires. A deep carry every day pocket knife is truly a gentleman's essential, just like keys and wallet. 

Because they fold and stay low in your pocket they make a great option for when you need a knife, No one will know you're carrying a knife however you'll know that you're protected from any unseen dangers. 

The Badger's action is smooth, the grip has a comfortable feel. The ability to lock the blade open, via Grid-Lock, is a nice feature. Nice deep pocket profile and the weight is just right for every day carry (EDC). - RT

Stealthy Stun Guns

These weapons will add a jolt to an attacker giving you a chance to escape or call for help. The first employs a functional walking stick that houses a powerful stun gun that delivers 1 million volts per zap. That’s enough to stop a 250-pound bad guy on the spot.

The second is disguised as a cell phone. It’s the size of a small cell phone, but it packs a wallop, delivering 2.7 million volts. The final item in this category is also the smallest, the lipstick stun gun. It may be the smallest, but it’s the most powerful, kicking out a staggering 3.5 million volt.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been a go-to self-defense tool for a long time, and now it can be more easily carried and concealed thanks to these ingenious designs. A pepper spray pen looks exactly like a regular pen in your bag or pocket, but it deploys police grade pepper spray that will stop an attacker in their tracks. It will also mark your attacker with UV dye, so they can be identified later.

The second example takes us back to the cell phone. Everyone has one, so you won’t raise the suspicion of a would-be attacker with one of these in your hand. When they get too close, a dose of this powerful spray will send them in the opposite direction in a hurry.

Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight can deliver a blinding level of light that will temporarily blind and confuse an attacker.

These weapons can produce a 500-lumen beam that will cause a bad guy to look away, giving you enough time to make an escape or prepare your next level of defense.

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is another self-defense weapon that doubles as a useful everyday tool. 

Most tactical pens for sale are functional writing tools and have features such as anti-slip grips, glass breakers, and are constructed of solid aluminum, making them effective striking weapons.

The OGK Fat Boy is a true pocket tank, a beefy and compact manual utility knife that's built like a tank! - Edward Greff
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