*NEW 2020 RELEASE!* "Early Bird Price": Rhino Blackout EDC Knife - D2 Tool Steel Folding Knife, HRC 59, with G10 Scales, Deep Pocket Carry, Ceramic Ball Bearling Flipper, Blackwash Finish

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The first of many new OGK 2020 EDC designs, we present the hard-use Rhino folding knife. Sticking with the typical Off-Grid Knives design signature, the Rhino is overbuilt and on the large end of the EDC spectrum, overall a very tough & strong flipper knife. The Rhino is built using 100% black hardware and our newest edition to the OGK "Blackout Collection". We chose *D2 tool steel for obvious reasons, D2 is extremely durable and takes a razor sharp long lasting edge. The blade shape resembles the mighty Rhino horn, the Rhino blade is a very versatile & useful blade shape. The blackwashed Rhino blade rides on high quality ceramic ball bearings, very smooth effortless deployment and locks up like a vault. The ergonomic large handle and scales are made of G10, we added linear texture for an excellent grip in any condition. Even though the Rhino is a large folder, it lays low and super deep in your pocket, the black clip keeps a very low profile, tip-up right carry, slips in-and-out of your pocket with ease. This knife is comparable to ZT (Zero Tolerance Knives) with it's overbuilt large blade & frame and the beefy 6.6oz weight, the good news is you won't need a bank loan to buy it!

*Facts of Well Heat Treated D2 Steel:


  • D2 tool steel is a high carbon steel that is excellent for use in hostile environments and is known for incredible edge retention.
  • Corrosion Resistance? YES! D2 has very strong corrosion resistance as well... D2 is considered a “borderline stainless steel” because it contains 11.5 percent chromium. D2 also has a very high carbon content, 1.5%, which lowers corrosion resistance because the carbon “grabs” a lot of D2’s chromium to form chromium carbides. The chromium carbides are good for improving wear resistance, improved wear resistance enhances edge holding.
  • Hard To Sharpen? NO! It's a myth that D2 is hard to sharpen, it takes more time than a softer steel, but it's NOT difficult to put an edge on D2, even in the field with a pocket diamond abrasive sharpener. With all knife steels there's trade offs, with our HRC 59 D2 you'll rarely need to sharpen, but when the time comes, you simply sharpen and reset the D2 for another long run of hard-use cutting.
  • We recommend the Work Sharp Field Sharpener on Amazon, it sharpens D2 and all tough blades with ease & compact for easy carry.
  • We carefully heat treated this D2 steel to a HRC of 59, this is high quality D2 steel made for hard-use in all conditions.
  • **Lifetime Replacement with Registration at OFFGRIDKNIVES.COM



  • *NEW 2020 DESIGN!* ROUGH USE EDC: The OGK Rhino is Built for Hard-Use in all Conditions, Excellent Heat Treatment of our D2 Blade Steel (HRC 59) Ensures a Long Run of Cutting without the need to Sharpen, Razor Sharp Out of the Box with a Useful Blade Shape
  • TEXTURED G10 & DEEP CARRY: The Ergonomic Handle has G10 Scales with Precision CNC Milling and Just Enough Texture for a Solid Grip, Strong Finger Hold and Flipper Tab Finger Guard, Fits Large and Extra Large Hands with Ease, the Rhino Will Disappear in you Pocket Using the Deep Carry Clip, Tip-Up Right
  • NON-REFLECTIVE: Blackwash Tini Coated Edge Blade, "TiNi" is Short for Titanium Nitride, Increases Durability and is Extremely Scratch and Peel Resistant, TiNi Will Keep A Low Profile in the Field
  • CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS: The Rhino Rides on Ceramic Ball Bearings that Create Smooth & Quick Deployment Using the Flipper Tab, Perfect for Military, Law Enforcement, EMT, First Responder, Fireman, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Survival, Prepping, Badass Box Opener, Hunters, Campers






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