Zero Tolerance Folding Combat Knife for Sale


n this day and age of carrying everything except the kitchen sink, you want your knife to be durable, light, and able to do the jobs you need it to. Many folks are choosing folding combat knives as they were designed to take and give a beating.

You can easily find a Zero Tolerance folding combat knife for sale both online and instore to check them out.

Features of a Folding Combat Knife

A folder used for combat and tactical purposes needs to have a blade lock. You’ll be using it for a number of things, and changing your grip and angle, and the last thing you need is for it to fold closed over your fingers.

The shape of the blade has to be usable. A bit of curve to the belly for slicing, and a strong, thick tip. You’ll probably end up digging at something, and a thin tip is likely to break.

Finally, a combat knife should be at least partially serrated. The serrations will cut even when dull and are much quicker at cutting tough items like rope or seat belts. They are more difficult to sharpen, but absolutely worth it when you’re in a pinch.

Why Choose a Combat Knife as an EDC


You need a knife that works as hard as you do. One that can keep up with the rigors of daily life, and also be prepared for the unexpected. A combat knife was designed for just that purpose.

Combat and tactical knives tend to be stronger and more durably built than regular knives. More time has been spent on designing them and strengthening any potential weak spots for added longevity and safety.

Just because a knife has the word tactical as part of its description doesn’t make it true, so remember to buy from a reputable knife maker, and a reputable dealer.
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