Tactical Folding Pocket Knife


If you’re looking for an everyday carry that will be able to keep up with your highly active lifestyle, you should consider a tactical folding pocket knife. They are built like the proverbial tank and designed so that law enforcement, the military, and survivalists could pick one up and take it out with them. For the average hunter, camper, angler, or backpacker, this means a knife that can outlast a normal EDC.

What Makes a Knife Tactical?

Tactical knives were originally designed specifically for combat and the rigors of war. Over time, that definition has changed a bit, and now basically means ‘built like a tank.’ Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

A tactical folding pocket knife is going to have overbuilt joints and bearings because those are the weakest points of any folding knife. A tactical knife will also be made out of a high-quality steel, one that is wear and corrosion resistant, and has better than usual edge retention.

The handle will be designed for improved grip and strength, with some form of texturing so your hand doesn’t slip. A flipper and/or thumb studs plus a spring assisted open will allow you to deploy the blade almost as quickly as a fixed blade, perfect for emergencies. 

Why Choose a Tactical Knife?


Since these knives are meant to save your life in a pinch, a tactical knife from a reputable knife maker is machined to exacting standards out of high-quality steel. They’re tougher than your average knife, made to last longer, and as a result, they are incredibly durable.

Since these knives are designed with the military, law enforcement, and EMTs in mind, they often have extras, such as seat belt cutters and glass breakers. Often, military or former military personnel are involved in the design process, ensuring that nothing is an afterthought.

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