Spring Assisted Razor Knife


While there are a plethora of tools out there for the tradesmen, what about the most important one? We’re talking about the spring assisted razor knife, the kind that gets beaten up on a variety of tasks.

Features to Look For

For a spring assisted razor knife, a good locking mechanism is essential. The blade should be able to be locked while open or closed, to prevent accident or injury to the user. If you find one that locks at a 45-degree angle, even better, as that makes it easier to perform tasks like carpet cutting.

A comfortable handle that allows you to grip it without fear of slipping is another thing you want to make sure your razor knife has. The potential for injury should be avoided wherever possible.

The blade should be easy and simple to change, as they can wear out quickly with the work they’re put through. A flexible belt loop is one method. Also, some knives have the ability to store extra blades inside them, which is always useful.

Who Could Use It


This one is for the tradesmen. The carpet layers, the builders, and dock workers. The ones who need a blade that can cut the same dusty thing over and over. Homeowners who prefer to perform their own repairs may want to upgrade to a better model.

A razor knife is perfect for cutting drywall without damaging it or cutting through too far. The spring assisted mechanism is perfect for all tradesmen, allowing you to easily flip the blade open one handed.

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