Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife for Sale


The words spring assisted folding pocket knife can be used to describe a wide variety of knives, from the average to the brilliant. The true mark of a knife comes from the knife maker, the designs, and the quality of the materials used.

Benefits of a Spring Assisted Knife

A manual folding knife means you need two hands to do anything with it, whether opening or closing it. For those who need a knife in a hurry, or who, for safety reasons, can’t leave the knife sitting around open, this is a problem.

With a spring assisted knife, you can quickly and easily open and close the knife. If you need to flick your wrist or put serious effort into it, then the mechanism isn’t very good, and you need to find a better knife.

Dual thumb studs or a flipper means that you can open the knife with either hand and allows the motion to be natural.

Examples of Quality Folding Knives


The Rapid Fire has cryogenically treated AUS-8 steel, giving the blade additional strength, toughness, and edge retention. To go along with their ambidextrous assisted open, you can adjust the clip to fit comfortably in either pocket, for those southpaws out there.

The Legal Eagle also has the cryo treated AUS-8 steel, and a textured G10 handle for better grip. The glass breaker and semi-serrated edge show the level of thought and consideration that went into this design. Made for law enforcement and first responders, anyone who wants to be prepared will find this a handy blade to have.

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