Pocket Knife with a Glass Breaker for Sale


Not all knives are created equal, and some come with a few extras, such as a pocket knife with a glass breaker. This, as well as other extras such as seatbelt cutters and LED lights, can be what saves a life, your own or someone else’s.

What is a Glass Breaker

A glass breaker is a small knob on the bottom of knife handle that protrudes 2 to 3 millimeters. Usually made of a hard metal, such as tungsten or titanium, these knobs are designed to concentrate a lot of force onto a small area. This allows the user to break the glass quickly and easily, and gain entrance to the building or vehicle.

Glass breakers can also be used in extreme circumstances as an additional striker in self-defense situations. While it’s not a common usage for glass breakers found on knives, when they’re added in tactical pens, glass breakers become part of the self-defense arsenal.

Who Could use a Glass Breaker


First responders such as firefighters, EMTs, or law enforcement officers could definitely benefit from having a pocket knife that features a glass breaker. As they are usually the first on the scene of an accident, they may need to break the glass of a car or truck without risking the passenger any further.

Everyday citizens who want to be prepared to help others in case of an emergency may also choose to buy a knife with a glass breaker on it. Every person who spends significant time in a car should be equipped with a knife that has a glass breaker. In the event of an accident, that may be the only one available.

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