Kershaw Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


There’s a huge variety of knives on the market today, and the differences between them are in the details. Type of steel, style of blade, price, and the type of open – either manual or assisted – are among them. The Kershaw spring assisted pocket knife is a good quality blade that suits most needs.

What Are Spring Assisted Knives

Folding knives have a few different open options. There is the automatic, which isn’t always legal, manual, which means there is no mechanism helping you open or close and assisted, which has a spring or lever inside.

Spring assisted knives have either thumb studs on either side of the blade, or a flipper on the back, right where the blade meets the handle. Inside, there is some mechanism to power the blade the rest of the way out once you’ve gotten it about 30% open. This makes the knives much easier to use, especially one-handed.

All spring assisted knives have a locking mechanism to keep the blade open, so there’s no chance of accidentally closing the blade as you’re using it. Kershaw’s patented SpeedSafe opening system ensures that the blade will never unintentionally deploy while in your pocket.

Why Choose a Kershaw Spring Assisted


Kershaw is a brand that has been around since the 70s and has a reputation for excellence that stretches back to its beginnings. Constantly creating innovative designs and looking for new ways to improve blades, they’re as solid and dependable as the knives they make.

They have pioneered many of the advances that are now considered commonplace, including the spring assisted system. Kershaw has built its brand around durability, reliability, and toughness at exceptional prices. With a Kershaw spring assisted pocket knife, you know you’re ready for whatever life brings your way.

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