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tanto folding knives

Tanto folding knives are an unusual knife to have. Originally designed with one specific purpose, to penetrate armor, these knives have taken the attention of knife enthusiasts everywhere. With their unique tip design, they are aesthetically pleasing while having an edgy, dangerous feel to them.

What is a Tanto Knife

A tanto knife is a Japanese style blade, based on the long and short swords used by the samurai. The high point and flat grind are designed to punch through armor, and now, is still used anytime something needs to be punctured. The point of the tanto blade is very thick, giving it plenty of strength to withstand the effects of piercing hard materials which would break other knives.

This knife traditionally has a relatively straight belly, so it’s not good at cutting or slicing. Off-Grid Knives, however, has adjusted the tip on their Legal Eagle, adding a slight curve without compromising on the tanto’s tip strength. This gives more of a cutting edge, and greater functionality while still keeping the blade’s primary purpose.

Why Choose a Tanto

Anybody in a position where they may need to punch through heavy material, such as a car, will find tanto folding knives useful. Law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters, and any emergency responders can easily keep this in a pocket, ready for that circumstance when it’s needed. If they choose the Legal Eagle, there’s also a glass breaker on the end of the handle.

For those others, it’s a cool blade to have, but if you get a knife with the added slight curve to the tip, then its uses have grown. With that kind of knife, campers, backpackers, hunters, and survivalists can enjoy the durability and function of a tanto knife.

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