Kershaw Spring Assisted Folding Knife


Finding the right knife can be a lengthy process, and often involves checking out numerous brands, styles, and reviews. The Kershaw spring assisted folding knife is a well-known part of the line of work, with a variety of blades styles and metals used, all with the Kershaw guarantee.

Features of a Kershaw Spring Assisted Knife

Kershaw spring assisted knives have a few things similar across the board, no matter the type of knife it is. The most prominent of these is the patented Speed Safe mechanism, which uses torsion bar technology for the open, allows you to open the knife one-handed. The open is fast, almost as quick as an automatic, but without the potential problems of legality.

You will almost always see the composite blade technology, where the best parts of two steels are combined in one blade. Most knives will have a carbide glass breaker tip, so if you’re ever in a tricky situation, you could break a car window. Each knife has a blade locking system, though which type was used depends on the knife.

The blade’s steel and handle are chosen based on what the knife is meant to be used for. A knife that is meant for law enforcement and EMTs will have a different composition than one meant for hunters and survivalists.

Who Could Use It


Hunters, law enforcement, anglers, EMTs, backpackers, firefighters, survivalists, and preppers can all find a knife specific to their needs. Kershaw has a huge range on offer, and if you buy a Kershaw spring assisted folding knife you know you’re purchasing the quality that built their company.

If you’re getting very specific in your needs, check out the collaborations that Kershaw has done with noted knife makers like Ken Onion and Emerson Knives.

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