High Quality Spring Assisted Knives for Sale


Pocket knives are an everyday standard for many people across the country. Good, high-quality spring assisted knives are in demand. Recognizing such a knife is often the challenge.

Features of a High-Quality Knife

The design is one of the most important aspects of a high-quality knife because the best materials in the world won’t make up for poor design. A good design won’t have certain problems, such as looseness when opened. The knife shouldn’t have any sharp edges, all the moving parts need to rotate smoothly, and the clip should be strong enough to hold the knife in your pocket.

There are high-quality steels, such as CPM-154 and M390, that are used but the best companies often use an upper-mid grade steel like AUS-8. With the proper treatment, those steels perform like high-quality steel at less cost to you.

The knife should have a solid locking mechanism, and be strong enough to withstand hard work. A lightweight, durable handle like G10, titanium, aluminum, or combinations thereof have excellent reputations for durability.


Why Choose a Spring Assisted Knife

Spring assisted knives are quick and easy to open and allow you to deploy the knife with a single hand. If you think there might ever be a time when you’ll only have one hand free to open a knife, you should consider a spring assisted knife.

Not only is a spring assisted useful, but it’s also fun. This is also a chance to check the quality of design. A well-built knife of good design can be flipped open and shut multiple times and never falter. In some instances, the knife needs to be opened repeatedly to loosen the joint a little.

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