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There are many ways to describe a knife, such as hunting, tactical, or survival. The most used, and useful, is the everyday pocket knife, or the everyday carry. There is no set of standards an everyday carry has to meet, though there are some features that they all have in common.

What is an Everyday Carry

The everyday carry is a pocket knife that is designed to be used on a daily basis. This knife isn’t especially geared towards a particular role, but rather, should be capable of performing whatever you need.

You’ll need to decide roughly what you’ll be using it for before choosing one. Our dedicated team of specialists at Off-Grid Knives can then help you find the right knife.

Features of an EDC


The folding knife should have a good quality stainless steel blade. While it doesn’t need to be a top quality super steel like M390, it should be better than 3Cr13MoV. AUS-8 is a good, upper medium quality steel, and with cryo treatment, performs like a high-quality steel.

The handle should be comfortable for you to grip, and textured so it won’t slip. A locking mechanism when the blade is opened to protect your hands, as well, since this knife is likely to be used on tough jobs at different angles.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the opening mechanism. While manual folders are okay, the truth is you’ll probably find yourself in a situation where you only have one hand free to deploy the knife. An assisted open, with either thumb studs, a flipper, or both works best, is ambidextrous, and is legal in most states. Be sure to check your local laws before purchasing an EDC.

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