Everyday Carry Pocket Knife for Sale


While there are times when you want a specific knife for a specific purpose, what most people want is an all-purpose knife that lives in their pocket, ready when they need it.

At Off-Grid Knives, we have an everyday carry pocket knife for sale to suit every person.

Features of an Every day Carry

An everyday carry should have a durable build because a knife that can’t keep up with you is useless. An EDC should be made from a good quality stainless steel, have good edge retention and wear resistance. AUS-8 steel and M390 are popular choices with both knife makers and knife enthusiasts.

The pocket knife should have a lock when it’s open to prevent accidents and injury. Either dual thumb studs or a flipper along with a spring assisted open will allow you to open the blade with either hand, which is also a good thing to have. Some knives are made for right-handed opening only, so lefty’s need to check and make sure they can use it comfortably.

A handle that is comfortable to hold and use it essential, as well as being one that allows you to keep a good grip on it. G10 is a choice you will see often, and you will only find it praised. The handle is usually textured, and an ergonomic grip is preferred.

Examples of EDCs


The Rapid Fire assisted flipper is made from AUS-8 steel, has a semi-serrated blade for those tough jobs, like rope, and has been treated with liquid nitrogen. This improves the edge retention and wear resistance of the blade, and is the same method the military uses on their knives. A G10 handle with scales for improved grip completes the picture.

The Rapid Fire Coyote is a smooth-edged AUS-8 steel blade with a titanium nitride coating. This has the same effect as treating with liquid nitrogen. Capable of being opened with either hand, the knife has a G10 handle with diamond texturing for improved grip.

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