Engraved Knives for Sale

Looking for engraved knives to surprise a friend or loved one? Maybe you have decided on an engraved knife? Engraving can take your gift to the next level. Do you want to cherish a precious memory? Simply need engraving services to mark your territory? Finding an engraved knife online can be stressful because of the many different options out there.

Not sure if you should pick a flipper or a fixed blade? Confused about the difference between tactical and pocket carry? Curious how the engraving process works?

Here is a simple overview of Off Grid’s commitment to your needs for affordable engraved knives.


Flipper and fixed blades

A flipper blade generally has two pieces: the blade and the handle. These pieces fold together either manually or with assistance. Also known as folding knives and switchblades, flipper knives open quickly so their users can rapidly respond to imminent threats or immediately open an important letter.

Folding flipper knives can be large or small and usually, fit in the user’s pocket. Flipper knives tend towards multiple purposes.
Fixed-blade knives also have a blade and handle but are made of one solid piece. These tend to work better for knife enthusiasts and usually have a specific purpose

Getting your knife engraved

Once you have decided what type of knife you want, you need to figure out what to say. The perfect message may be easier than you think and letting someone know you care with an engraved knife can mean the world to your special someone.

Most knives won’t have a whole lot of space for your message, so you need to keep your message short. Laser engraving can really take your knife from already-amazing to super-stellar.

We are committed to providing you with the best buying experience possible, so reach out to us today and let us provide you with the right edged blade for your needs.

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